social ecommerceSocial media has become an integral part of our day to day life, which is a best way to connect with family and friends, share the pieces of our lives with our followers and even keep an eye over others. The social platforms like Facebook and Twitters help us to remain in touch with the latest trends, while the LinkedIn has become a go to source for job recruiters and hunters. And with sites like Pinterest and Instagram, one can feed us with the visual inspiration 24×7. It has now become a marketing tool also for online stores. Social media sites can make online stores more accessible to the customers giving viral exposure and revolutionize the way the business market their products. For business that sell a number products online, getting social offers additional perks from the free way in order to offer incentives to any organic means for building up the buzz regarding a number of specific products. With small amount of knowledge, the online sellers can use social media in order to take the ecommerce sales to new heights.

Offer Your Customers Incentives

Customers certainly love a good deal and word of mouth thing often called social sharing can help in promoting different products or services more effectively than any paid ad. Well, how, it works, let’s check it. Since people trust and want what their friends discuss about. A simple and affordable method to boost up your social following and draw new visitors to your online store is via giveaways and discounts. By offering new followers a 15% discount for liking your page, for instance or by hosting a giveaway where contestants share a picture of post from your website to get entered to win a prize, you can instantly develop a good loyal customer page and get a good success.

Engage With Your Customers

People often love talking about a number of products or services that they have used. Whether a customer’s experience is good or bad, the social profile of your business is the place wherein you can engage and share their inputs regarding the products/services they use. The one on one interaction can render you some incredible insight into what you are doing the right and what really needs improvement.

Use Share Buttons

One of the best ways to promote your products or services online is by adding share buttons over your product page over the homepage of your online store. The buttons will help the customers and web users in order to showcase their interest in your products over their own social profiles. Whether they are sharing their recent purchases, sending out a gift idea to their mother via Facebook messenger or by adding a product to their PinterestPinboard, they are marketing for you the best.


Now that you have the three simple ways to leverage the social media to boost the e-commerce sales, it is time you get into socializing. It is a known fact that the social media platforms are where people are seen spending a large chunk of their time and so should your online business.