google for ecommerceThere are lots of online resources that Google caters the online marketers, which helps in maximizing the ecommerce business’ potential. Google is known as a giant search engine, which also caters a wide range of resources for growing your ecommerce potential online. A wide range of ecommerce and small time business owners are seen relying a lot on these online resources given by Google free of cost. The following is the list of some useful Google tools, which can help you in driving your ecommerce business. Let’s check them out as under:

Google Analytics

One of the most popular and useful tool from Google for the ecommerce platforms is Google Analytics. This is an important tool for optimizing your website and understanding the customer case of e-commerce store. This is a free tool, which helps the businesses to identify that channels are carrying out the best in terms of sending out traffic to your online store or apps and wherein the conversion process may be falling down and in this way it helps in understanding the areas wherein a focused efforts are required. Without analytics, making improvements to your ecommerce portal and the customer journey comes down to little more than guesswork.

Google Search Console

This Google tool formerly called as Webmaster Tools is a suite of tools data and diagnostics from the giant search engine company, which is meant to help you a have a healthy kind of Google friendly ecommerce or any other site. This is the only place wherein you can find the search engine optimization info regarding the website directly from Google. This tool comes for free and any kind of website including the ecommerce platform can use it. However, by simply installing it will not going to improve your online marketing strategies or your organic traffic. It is a toolset that means you need to understand the way you use Google Search Console effectively in order to make any difference over your portal. Having said that, it can be become a bit daunting to understand, however, exploring more about using the data it gives in order to enhance the organic traffic for your ecommerce business can help you a lot.

Think with Google

This tool is regarded as a hub of all the valuable data driven content that offers analysis, stats and insights that can be incredibly useful to your ecommerce business. The rich data of Google on the latest trends can be very much useful for developing the understanding of the market and thus inform the future of digital campaigns. The Hangouts is a simple tool, which can make your professional life simple for your online venture. This tool can help you in Giving out an instant messenger service, live video chat and collaborative screen sharing. Hence the Hangouts can be employed for everything from meeting with your customers to other things.

Google Alerts

This tool can be useful for finding out what is being said about your online store (business or brand). Installing the same can be a matter of few seconds and it delivers you daily, weekly and monthly stuff at your inbox. It can be an email roundup of online coverage about your brands. Google Alerts can be a handy too that helps in keeping an eye over the competitors and stay on the top in the latest industry news.


With the presence of so many free tools available online at Google, your ecommerce site can leverage the most and carry out the business effectively thus achieving the set targets. So, what are you waiting for, go for these tools and end up doing the online business the best.