why magento should be used?Web development is the basic building block of an eCommerce business. We have plenty of technologies, software platforms, or frameworks to choose from. Imagine a situation when you are supposed to choose from the available choices. It is quite obvious that the one that fulfils your needs the most is the most suitable.

When it comes to developing a good-quality website, Magento is amongst the preferred ones. This feature-rich CMS platform helps in developing an eCommerce website that is SEO-friendly and effective. The extensions and templates of Magento are the best ones. Statistics reveal that around one-fourth of users use Magento. It is the dominant market player worldwide.

Magento, the preferred platform

Can you imagine the reason why Magento is one of the popular platforms?  Well, there is no one reason but a long list. This open-source platform works well for all varieties of E-commerce applications. Experts say that it deals with all critical issues of the online world. Customization features, flexibility, and cost of development are managed well by Magento.

Ten reasons it is the most-sought web development program.

  • A plethora of tools with easy to use functionality
  • Quick page loading
  • Open Source application
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Capable of handling peak load
  • Customizable and SEO compatible
  • It offers an enjoyable and delighting shopping experience.
  • Several deployment choices
  • Responsive design
  • Easy 3rd party integration

Why do people prefer Magento?

  • Magento offers user-friendly, exciting Ecommerce applications developed based on user requirements. This open-source platform is capable of developing software that is scalable and customizable. Here are the reasons users prefer Magento.
  • Magento is cost-effective because, like other eCommerce development platforms, users needn’t pay for monthly subscriptions. Hence, users needn’t worry about the number of transactions or number of users. Whether you go for a totally free version or a paid plug-in, Magento keeps the Ecommerce website functioning without any cost.
  • Magento is universally applicable in all varieties of businesses, from small to large. It is possible to host the software on a personal server. The community of Magento users completely supports Magento software. Hence, troubleshooting becomes quite easy.
  • Magento Enterprise version offers enterprise-wide functionalities that help in configuring the website and back-end workflows. You need to spend money on the same, though. The Enterprise version offers access to the partner software and certified developers to manage the website.
  • Magento Community Edition is good for those who want to explore the eCommerce platform’s features and flexibility. Since users can modify and enhance the core code, it is always in the evolution mode.
  • Magento is a platform that is easy to extend. When you want to fulfil the business needs using Magento, it is quite easy and quick. There is a wide range of feature-rich, easy-to-use, and self-explanatory extensions for business and individual users. Custom integration and update are straightforward in it.
  • A vibrant user community makes Magento an interesting and effective eCommerce interface. It is the reason; Magento is the preferred application platform today.