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Why Magento 1.9 makes more sense to your business

Magento community edition 1.9 has now been released and people are very excited about all the new changes. There are several technological improvements as well as several new functional features have been introduced in this new version of Magento. There are several changes in the core framework of Magento, and adoption is expected by the current and prospective users of Magento

Why to use PHP based frameworks for eCommerce websites

When it comes to using PHP framework for developing and designing your ecommerce website, you are certainly going to take over your competitors as it would let you enjoy many rich features making it the favorite choice. Presenting you with the robust navigation tools, smooth interfaces, user-friendly CMS, etc. you have the option to get the best out of your ecommerce website. There are many advantages that are associated with using the PHP framework for developing your ecommerce store and making a long lasting impression on your customers online. You would never fall short of the rich features that you can integrate into your online store in such a way that every customer would love to shop.

Using eCommerce frameworks for catalog websites

There are different kinds of ecommerce framework available which are extremely beneficial for making different types of websites. If you are intended to make a catalog website, Magneto platform is worth choosing option. It provides the scalability, flexibility and valuable features that will speed up the process of your business growth. Moreover, Magneto provides the feature-rich ecommerce platforms providing merchants with complete flexibility and control over content, presentation and performance of their online channels. It is one of the good ecommerce frameworks that won’t let your process of creating catalog websites down and with little effort, you’ll be having a full fledge ecommerce platform with complete functionality and outstanding performance.

Giving modern look to your ecommerce website

The recent advancements in technology have offered a great help to the ecommerce industry to grow. These days there are numerous companies that are focusing on ecommerce as it has to offer various advantages. But launching a site in haste in not a good idea at all as you may neglect various important factors that can be extremely helpful to popularize your ecommerce website. One of these factors is to give a modern and impressive look to your ecommerce site. There are some important things that can be done to make a website convenient and useful, and at the same time these things can make your site look modern and beautiful.

Analysis of most popular ecommerce CMS

With the recent advancements in technology, all of the businesses are using internet as an effective marketing tool. The eCommerce CMS are offering a great help to the businesses for all their promotions and marketing on internet. The CMS or Content Management Systems have become very popular in the industry as these systems can offer a reliable way to manage an ecommerce site.

Rise of eCommerce marketplaces in India

E-commerce in India is booming, with very strong growth over the past three years and, this year, the sector’s performance will be no different. It is very important that Indian E-stores should accompany the growth to understand market trends and make sure the maximum growth of their E-business.

In order to manage an E-commerce store it is important to understand the current situation of the domestic market, so that it is possible to develop these data using efficient and flexible strategies according to the trends of the digital market. It is a basic requirement to understand and track the investment trends and revenues by sectors in the national e-commerce for developing an efficient E-commerce planning.