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Most popular open source eCommerce platforms of the year 2016

One of the most vital things when starting up an e-com venture is to choose the right e-commerce engine. One of the common options chosen by the e-com owners is Magento and PrestaShop as they are considered to be good systems that cater the best bases for many thousands of online stores. Apart from the two, there are other open source ecommerce engines, which make choosing the best one for your e-com venture a difficult task.

Optimize performance of your Magento store

If you fail to configure Magento correctly, you will find it running slowly owing to its heavy eCommerce CMS system. Even the most competitive kind of web developers would miss the no so inevitable setting in order to boost up the speed & performance of Magento for quicker page loads if they are unfamiliar with the platform.

Social media can boost your online sales!

For business that sell a number products online, getting social offers additional perks from the free way in order to offer incentives to any organic means for building up the buzz regarding a number of specific products. With small amount of knowledge, the online sellers can use social media in order to take the ecommerce sales to new heights.

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