Magento features


Magento 2.1  is out now with a bunch of new improved features and one of the breathtaking change is the usage of UI components in the New/Edit page category. That is if a custom attribute has been added to a category then it should be specified using an XML file. The known issue (GITHUB-5025) has now been removed.  Some of the more exciting features are as listed below:


Security enhancements

Though there are no reported threats or attacks till date but still it is important to upgrade your Magento to the latest version as it ensures that the customer information cannot be exploited or it cannot take over administrator sessions.


PayPal enhancements

It now has in-context checkout and saved cards. With the help of Saved cards purchasing items from the admin interface is easier as customers need not re-enter the credit card details every time while checking out so it is a boon for the customers.  The conversion rates are increased by using In-context checkout as customers can now pay with PayPal without exiting the merchant’s site.


Improved management interfaces

With this version, it is faster and simpler. Information can easily be searched in the Admin, creation of new products, and global search synonyms can be set up.


Installation and upgrade Fixed issues

The product version is correctly updated after upgrading the Magento system software. By compressing packages on we can now see improved performance of installations as well as upgrades. A Web Setup Wizard can only be run when a user has complete access to the Magento Admin. If the installation is incomplete one can successfully uninstall the Magento software. Issues with running integration tests on Microsoft Windows have been fixed.


Shopping  and product fixed issues

The Add to Cart button translation has now been fixed with this translation.  Registered users shopping cart now return the complete list of products. In this version, the date and time field are also on point. No random failure of shopping cart shipping estimation. A fixed amount discount for an entire cart can now easily be created in this latest version. Saving a product that has been assigned to more than one website. A simple product can be created with custom options. Entries can be filtered according to date.


Integration and Testing Fixed issues

While creating an integration an API resource can be selected.  Issues with PHP 7.0 Integration test has been fixed. An admin user can be deleted without breaking the integration. All integration test can be done in the developer mode. Several integration test syntax errors have been fixed.


Import/ Export Fixed issues

Two products with the same URL key cannot be imported. It is easy to re-import data now. Changing the order in which the products are displayed can now be done with Magento 2.1. The Ajax loader will automatically stop if an incorrect file type is used during import.


From the above list, it is clear that Magento has added some nice features to the latest addition. These features will go long way in increasing flexibility and reliability of the platform.