Mobile application development company in India

Mobile application development

Mobile commerce is increasing at a breathtaking pace, and any eCommerce business cannot rely on merely web presence to increase the revenues.

Qtriangle is a reputed mobile application development company in India, providing top quality eCommerce and other applications.

Great Design and User Experience

Every button and every field in your mobile application is approved after rigorous reviews from our senior experts. There is no possibility of any obvious bug in your live application.

Robust and Secure Solution

We use best-in-class secure infrastructure for developing the application and all communication interfaces. So you are ensured of zero data breaches and complete peace of mind as far as security is concerned.

Regular Updates

Our solution includes unlimited life-time updates to your application free of cost. It means you are always up-to-date with the latest technology and safe from known vulnerabilities by virtue of our regular functional and security updates.

Publishing on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store

For hybrid mobile applications, we take care of publishing your app to Android Play Store and Apple iTunes App store. It means it is our responsibility to overcome stringent norms of mobile app stores and get your entry to coveted stores.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth][fusion_text]qtriangle is a reputed eCommerce and mobile application development company in India.

FAQ: Types of mobile applications

Qtriangle is a reputed mobile application development company in India, and provides Android and iOS based mobile apps. We develop core Android, core iOS and hybrid applications as well.

FAQ: Duration of development

Typical duration of development is from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the number of features required. This duration may increase in case you have further customization needs.

FAQ: Ownership of applications

We will handover full ownership of the launched mobile applications (on Play Store as well as on iTunes) to you. If you wish, we can continue maintaining it for you after development as well. Qtriangle or any other mobile application development company will not have ownership of your data and application.

FAQ: Cost of eCommerce mobile application

We need to understand your requirements to send you good estimate of pricing. Please contact us and we will provide a detailed quote to you completely free of cost !