Magento 2 featuresThe release of Magneto v2.0 in 2015 is good news for e-commerce companies. It is known for its rich features, which is designed in open source technology. It offers greater flexibility and good control over the look, features and content of the ecommerce portals. The intuitive management interface functions offer robust marketing, effective SEO and catalog management tools, which gives these companies an opportunity to cater tailor made solutions as per the business requirements. The newly launched version called the Magento v2.0 come along with a number of special features as compared to the erstwhile version called v.19. Let’s check them out:

Compatible to More Number of Popular Platforms

The Magento v2.0 is known to use the PHP 5.3 and Zend Framwork for managing a number of performances of database access layer, cache engine and translations. At the same time, it supports Oracle, MSSQL, which means it is a great option or Windows Platform Server.

jQuery Library

The jQuery is among the popular and sporty to employ JavaScript Library. In the Magento 2.0, jQuery library can be called the default JavaScript library. The migration from the prototype to jQuery, which is one of the vital changes found in the recent version of Magento 2.0.

Component Oriented Architecture

This module as consumer, catalog, sales, checkout, CMS and others will be seen existing like components. If you do not need them all, you have the option of disabling it followed by replacing things on your own especially you do not have to hack the current code base for that. So, the site performance and elements like flexibility is seen enhanced to a great extent.

Performance Enhancement

Earlier the speed and performance would be always an issue for Magento to be confronted. However, with the version of 2.0, things have changed a lot. In this version, you can find the speed reaching to 20 percent faster than the earlier version. This can be called as the dramatic changes found in the Magento performance.

Additional Security

The later version of Magento supports some of the steps in order deal with the issue called Server Validation. Thanks to this, your ecommerce portal will end up getting better and smarter kind of security.

Reduced Upgrade Costs & Efforts

In the recent version, the extensions and upgrading core Magento will become simpler than the lower amount of upgrade costs and efforts. The new version is seen having the info as compared to the versioning policies. Also, you would be given all the required info regarding the compatibility of upgrades. With the standalone installer, installing the Magento 2 would become very much fast, as this tool would check all the requirements before getting it installs over your system.

Better Directories Structure

There is a great amount of changes in terms of directory structure. The new directory known as pub is introduced in this version. The goal of adding these changes is to simply render a much better and clear kind of view structure for the software developers.

Get Automated Testing Option

The Magento 2.0 helps the developer to setup automated test without any hassle or issue.