online-referalReferrals have its own importance in business. It helps in getting not just the repeat customers but also the new customers as well. This idea is extremely important in terms of online business (e-commerce business). The fact of the matter is you can squeeze a good amount of mileage via the referrals. In e-commerce, you can boost up the sales by using online referrals effectively. The following are ways in which the online referrals can help you in increasing the sales.

Create a Referral Plan

Referrals cannot just happen on its own; you need to trigger the same. Some brands may feel that they have the best products in the market, which come along with competitive customer service; hence referral would come by default. However, this is not the case; you need to chalk out a proper referral plan in order to get the referrals, which will eventually boost up your online sales. A majority of customers are open for the referrals when they are asked. Some even appreciate this opportunity to tell their friends or family and thus get associated with your brand for long along with bringing their near ones as well. This is only possible when your device a good referral plan.

Give Support

Do not just ask for references from your customers without actually offering them anything as a backup. This can as easy as supplying your link to your portal or business card. This could be a brochure, newsletter or any other form of printed content, which you do and can trigger the referral.

Offer Perks

Incentives or perks can be tricky. The kind of perk you are offering should be able to fit into the kind of business you run. This can come in the form of discount, upgrade, service credits, any free product or some other things, which can help the customers, give you a decent array of referrals. Talk to your customers these referrals programs with the perks the best. This comes in the form of blog, email, and newsletter or bulk email. And don’t forget to thank them if you get referrals from your customers.

Ask for the right info

Getting only a name or number is not the details you want for your referral. It should come in the form of a lead. Make sure you use a referral form, web-based system, checklist etc, in order to get the details, which will end up making your referrals very much valuable. One of the best forms of referrals is when your customer is actually arranging a meeting or communication through email or phone. This can make your customer acting like a marketing guy on your behalf.

Build your relationships

This can be a time taking experience; however, it is critical because a majority of your influential customers will not offer you referrals until you have a good rapport with them. You will certainly want to treat all your customer contact to be critical to your next referral. With every sale, customer service or marketing you end up building up your relationship, which in turn will open up the referrals from your customer.

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