Technology has taken the business to different heights. E-commerce has become a lifeline of all business communities. Nowadays every problem has a virtual solution. The fast-changing technologies have swapped the whole scene. The huge change started with the Internet, creating websites and reaching out to the prospective audience. Now, it has moved a step ahead with progressive mobile applications.

The smartphones have flipped the market totally. Having a mobile app open up many doors, every smartphone user is the prospective customer now. Different business and services are easily accessible to people now through mobile apps.

Well, coming up with the idea and making a mobile app is one thing, but to push your business on progressive lines, you should diligently promote your app. The mobile app once uploaded should capture the prospective buyer. It is not that easy as it sounds. With cutthroat competition, it is important to mix and match various tools and promote your mobile app.

We bring you few handy tips that will help your business to attract more eyeballs. We give you six instead of promised five 🙂

  1. Free Sip– It has been noticed that free apps or partially paid apps are usually preferred over fully paid apps. So, it is advisable to start with a free download and offer a trial. Once, the users get a hang of it, you are good to make money.
  2. Spread through Social Media– Social Media plays a big roll in gaining a reputation. Once, you have uploaded the app, you should put your social media to work. Spread the word through all channels including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc. Through this, your audience will come to know about your existence and opt it as per their requirement.
  3. App Site– Another important part is to create a dedicated site for your app. It will highlight the identity from primary website. It could be a mini-site with two or three pages, but this will be helpful to the buyers.
  4. Go for App Store Optimization– This is one of the biggest steps in promotion your App. App Store Optimization works quite similar to Google search engine. The App title, a logo should be according to the App optimization. Also, the description should be carefully written. This will help the searchers to identify the actual purpose of the Application.
  5. Launching over various channels– Competition is quite hard over iPhone App store and Google App store. Launching a new app over these App stores might not create a certain wave, but then you can take help of the channels too. Social Media, TV commercials, YouTube are some of the best mediums to introduce your Apps and then gain users. So, do not rely on App stores only, play along with other mediums.
  6. Endorsement– Endorsement is another strong tool to get the audience. A tech journalist or App store Editor can be contacted for a recommendation. Such recommendations leave huge impact on the target audience and also, it initiates them to use App.

We really hope these simple hacks will be useful to promote your Progressive Web App.

All the Best!