support channels

You may not often get the support in all the things in one of these channels considering the fact that there are many channels available in the market you have not enough time to the backup support from them. However, considering the number of available channels along with checking the requirements of your customers, you can easily understand where you are supposed to focus with your support resources for your business. The following are some of the support channels, which can help in running your online business very much smooth, let’s have a look at them as under:


In any online business, the email customer support is certainly a non-negotiable channel for most of the companies running the show. In fact, more than 91 percent of the consumers today still use emails every passing day. So comparing this channel with others no one can be compared to its wide distribution no one really make such a huge difference.

Social Networks

Depending upon the kind of customers you have and their amount of time they spend on social networks every day, you can use this channel. Once you find out which platform is used by your customers the most, you can then think of giving them effective support using this channel. As per Gartner Research Study, the online business that ignore the support requests over social media get up an average churn rate, which goes to 15 percent higher than the companies who do not. That’s really a good argument for including your support system for social media. However, avoid assuming that the sites like Facebook and Twitter are just the only social media platforms, which the customers today are seen using. For instance, the KLM Airlines knows the fact that a number of their professionals and customers are using LinkedIn hence they have a special customer support to KLM passengers 24 x 7 at this place.

Forums and Message Boards

One might tend to forget that a number of customers share similar kind of interests at these places. For instance number customers from Groove are SaaS startups and companies whose employees are seen reading and engaging over forums like Stack Exchange. You could find that you have similar kind of shared communities wherein a number of your customers are seen active. Using the app like KVS (often used by frequent fliers to monitor their flight availability) can make sense. In order to deliver some high quality multi-channel support, the KVS team has embarked with a dedicated FlyerTalk thread wherein the users can post their own support questions. This has become more convenient option for sending emails of picking up phones.


Though some of us might see the phone support to be an old fashioned one but the reality is that a number of customers still rely on it. In fact, phones still comprises to 68 percent of all the support interactions and many customers still call it to be a convenient option to pick their phones and call the support of any company. Thus having it is mandatory channel for any company for running any online industry. ‘

Live Chat

With a good speed of phone support, many would find chats to be a better and convenient option to get support from the customer services department of any company. In fact, as per reports, 44 percent of the online consumers claim that they get quick answers over live chat as compared to other off line options. This option come along with a number of other features as well like plug in and go live chat services from Olark is the best way to communicate.

Self-Serve Knowledge Base

It is useful tool for supporting a number of customers with answers like the FAQ (frequently asked questions) your customer help themselves. With the answer frequently asked questions, you can find the knowledge base allowing you to give a 24 hour support even when you have a small team.

On-Page Support Widget

These render the customers the choice of browsing the website and submitting the questions and getting the reply via email. Some of the widgets are seen integrating the knowledge base articles directly over the widget and thus getting the quick answers right away.