warehouse integrationThe e-commerce simply continues to grow with every passing day virtually in all the sectors. You can find the retailers very much anxious in order to expand their presence on the virtual world to get the market share. Within just four years (2006 to 10) the global online retail has simply gone up by 16.3% as per the reports of Global Online Retail in 2011, while the recent figures of 2015 reported around 20 percent of total revenue of 450 billion dollars. The amount of expansion over the internet sales is primarily changing the very nature of the retail supply chain.

Good Warehouse Management Starts With Upkeep..

Check your operation on a regular basis along with having the review of your e-commerce warehouse simply because it was known to be well organized while you start things initially, however, this doesn’t meant that you it will meet all your current requirements. Make sure you have your own daily checklist for your manager and then hold him/her responsible for monitoring the warehouse.

Know Your High Sellers

By simply placing your highly consumable items closer to shipping zone ensuring these remain accessible, you would reduce loads of unnecessary tough time and your team would rather feel that you are super considered. Well with this, you get the Win-Win solution, which shouldn’t be applied to the top sellers in order to avoid unnecessary re-location of the physical inventory.

Use the Cycle Counts

Avoid waiting time required for annual physical inventory simply counts in order to carry out the regular inventory management audits. Carry out cycle counts and start studying their inconsistencies in order to carry out the time it must take via different locations.

Quality Control

Avoid fixing your issues once you double check your orders. This is known as quality control and manages other set of layers of responsibility. You ask any experienced team member to handle this in order to save your money in this business.

Finish Right By Starting Tight

Give your warehouse the opportunity to finish the order processing and then clean it up before they clock out. At the end of the day, your warehouse would be organized and you would find your inventory will be at right place where it belongs, rather merely relying the next day to start things in disarray. You would perhaps imagine how much quicker your employee is going to clean up the mess.

Do Not Just Allow Your Warehouse To Turn A Maze

You know how bookstores, libraries, shoe stores or any other place, which is a base of large size warehouse of products for sale or rent, everything is cleanly divided and their sectors are clearly branded in order to help the consumers for the things they are keen to find. Well, this may sound a convenient option, however, you are supposed to make labels and signs in order to direct your team members managing the warehouse and thus help the customers find the products without any hassle or issue and without actually bothering much about the directions.