hybrid vs native mobile appsA majority of e-commerce website offers the consumers the liberty to filter a number of products by choosing the desired attributes like brand, cost, condition, color, size, make or model. The attribute mapping can be called as a painstaking procedure through which the online retailers’ labels and their products with additional features and characteristics. One needs patience and needs proper attention to jot down the details and can be carried out in e-commerce platform, POS, ERP, etc. If you are able to manage the things properly, it can help you enjoy the benefits of conversion. The capability for your online consumers to filter and classify the products as per the attributes can further improve their journey via your e-commerce portal enormously. Let’s check how effectively one can use the attribute management for your online store as under:

Know how the product attributes are driven

For your e-commerce portal, it is vital to know whether your product attributes will be driven by the integration of ERP, POS or PIM (product management system). If you are integrating your e-commerce portal with the POS or PIM system, you are required to consider the way the product attribute info will be flowing from one system to the other.

Check the attributes your products have in the POS/PIM system

Secondly, it is equally important to check the number of attributes your products would have in your POS or PIM system. For this, you need to enlist the attributes of your products via your product management system followed by discussing with your team in order to embark the ways to be employed for your online store.

Check the additional product attributes

Thirdly, you need to check whether you have any additional product attribute(s), which may be relevant to your e-commerce store. This will be beyond the amount of products attributes you have created in one go, which fall under the sold through a brick and mortar store. Check whether any other attributes you need in order to sell the products via your online stores like incorporating filter, display or search for the products using location, person type, occasion or event.

Appoint a man for mapping attributes

Lastly, you need to allocate a person or resource for every product you have in your online store. You are supposed to be clear in allocating a human resource for keeping all the product information accurate and complete in your e-commerce store. If you are planning to integrate with the POS/PIM system, do keep in mind that your product managers will understand the significance of accurate and complete mapping of all your products found in your online store. You can, therefore, help your customers to use this information or data in order to find, search or filter for different products found on your e-commerce store.

Wrapping up

The above tips/ideas are just a tip of the iceberg, you can further research the topic in order to embark with a more sensible and comprehensive kind of approach for the attribute management of your products for your online store. The above points can help in having a launch pad for your online marketing strategies for your online store.

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