CRM Custom Development

In spite of being a comprehensive and versatile system, no CRM can fulfill the needs of everyone. You need customization and integration of it to optimize the system and to offer a customer-friendly experience to the end users. Qtriangle is the leading name in CRM Customization and Development services. We have a team of experts with a profound knowledge in the niche. We have integrated and customized CRM systems for the full spectrum of companies. Hence, the immense knowledge-base acquired by us helps in mapping your needs quickly and providing the solution at unbelievably fast pace.

CRM helps you in driving the productivity of sales and marketing. It also offers business intelligence, better customer management and several useful tools and functionalities. Since no two businesses are similar, their requirements and wish lists also can’t be the same. At Qtriangle, we understand the specific requirements of your business and find out the gap between the expectation and delivery. After marking the specific tools and functionalities that require customization, we make a detailed plan.

What all can Qtriangle do?

We help your company with customization in several ways.

  • We make tailor-made functionalities
  • We develop customized dashboards for better and quick decision-making
  • We make a clear and unambiguous business framework for our clients
  • We design innovative and useful customized tools
  • We develop customized workflows, business reports, and entity-relationship
  • We customize views, forms, charts, and fields as per your needs

Customization is done in accordance with the clients. Our experts talk to you and agree on the right structure, so the integration becomes seamless.

Why should you call Qtriangle?

Qtriangle is a company having a strong experience in providing perfect CRM customization and development to enterprises of small, medium and big size. Our widespread clientele vouches for our perfection. We use the state-of-the-art methods and development tools while fulfilling the customization needs.

The projects delivered by us prove our expertise in using the techniques and tools. The team possesses rich experience and skills. Hence, we can visualize and convert the needs in a better manner. Quality and timeliness are the two critical aspects we look at when we work on a customization project.

Domains served so far

We have successfully implemented CRM customization projects in the following domains; the list is not all inclusive but just indicative.

  • Insurance and banking sector
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • IT services
  • Automobile sector
  • Call centers and helpline services
  • Education and technology
  • Maintenance and housekeeping
  • Hotel and hospitality

Give a boost to the sales and profit, operational efficiency and work management by enhancing the functionalities of your CRM system. Give a buzz to Qtriangle for an outstanding result. We strive for giving you back the true value for money. Client satisfaction is most important for us.

We bring the best CRM administrative customization services such as module configuration, workflow configuration, user configuration to make it more usable and relevant in your work environment. We also assist in CRM implementation, configuration, and upgrade.