ecommerce referrals

Are you keen to get more traffic and more sales for your e-commerce store? One of the ways to get traffic is customer referrals. If you are wondering whether where and how to boost up the customer referrals then keep on reading, as you have a number of tips in this post.



Upsell Your Products

May I interest you in this update? A majority of people must have heart this sort of question. It is an example of upselling or the efforts or merchants to sell you slightly expensive products when you consider a product. The fact is, upselling is 20 times more effective than the online cross selling things. At times, your customer may not know that a better product is available or they could be convinced to the fact that these are different products and may be a good solution for their needs. There are two key elements to upselling – 1) making your upsells related to the original product and 2) Being sensitive to the price range of your consumers. Keep in mind that all your products fit into your customers’ requirements; this will not only help them to keep with you but also give you the customer referrals.

Integrate Instagram

As per marker research reports, the average order value from Instagram marketing is around 65 dollars, which is higher than from any other social media platforms except for Polyvore (66 dollars). Moreover, the recent study has also discovered that this social media platform gives online brands 25 percent more engagement as compared to any other social media platforms. If you are able to use the right array of hashtags, proper fillers and then post them at right times then you are well on the way of building a big following on Instagram. The key to mastering your online marketing at Instagram is via engagement with your users. Well, what are the ways to do so? Well, you can run some campaigns or contests and most important show images of your consumers using your products this is known as user generated pictures, which is one of the best ways to showcase it to the potential customers that you have happy current customers. An app called Instagration is one of the best tools to boost up Instagram engagement. It helps in integrating with your online store and thus renders you the capability to moderate the Instagram images of your customers and showcase them in diverse formats.

Reduce Abandoned Carts

You are losing money by simply missing the potential orders; however, make sure you do not take things too personally. Every online store is missing out over the potential orders. As per Baymard Institute, around 67 percent of shopping carts are abandoned before they are completed. One ways to reduce this phenomenon is to rely on a good email recovery campaign, which will help in convincing the customers to complete their sale. So, go ahead, better compose a good email, which entices your customers to return to their cart.

Launch a Facebook Store

Well, we have discussed about Instagram, now it’s time to discuss about Facebook another important platform for social media marketing. As per report, Facebook consumers the lion’s share of online orders that are placed from social media marketing. Facebook is not just a good source of traffic but also the platform for selling products directly and getting customer references with Facebook Store. It is easy and cost effective to sell out products via referrals on your ecommerce store.


There could be more tips and tactics to get customer referrals, however, the above are the important ones, which you can try and get the result. So, keep trying!