search function in ecommerceAdding features that can improve the functionality of your eCommerce apps can help in getting your target audience to explore a number of products you sell online. This can help in leading to happier shoppers who can return and place the order again along with sharing their experiences with others. So, how can you enhance the search features of your website for getting better and faster results?

So, let’s have a look at the retailers giving the search much better user-centered, interactive and customization seeking the help of any competent eCommerce development company as under:

Focusing on the Search Bar

The search bar can be called at the start of the journey, which is, however, the most neglected one. Offsetting it with a different color and tone from the other color scheme of your site is one of the ways of attracting the shoppers. Putting the text over the box like entering Keyword will allow the visitors to know the same instant. Top it off with the help of a button, which reads Find or Search along with adding some stylized arrows and you get the right start. You can add the sorting options to appear on the left for giving the user to have a right view of the close up of the products without having the option of click.

Filter the Result Page

The search results page can be called as an important feature, which will decide whether the user clicks or leaves. With good search engines, you should customize it to a great extent as per your target audience is looking for. For instance, the dresses for women and accessories retailer Cache simply showcases the site search, by simply sorting through articles of dresses, size, cost, popularity and several other features. The shoppers can help in refining the items that are based on the new arrivals and sale.

Employing Smarter Autocomplete

Autocomplete is yet another great site search time saver feature for online shoppers that makes them more smarter. A number of branded online stores are seen adding up this feature that functions as per the SLI systems. This has simply resulted in the way it can enhance the overall conversion rate and thus even enjoy a great visitor value, which is four times greater than the earlier sales. Also, the customers that are seen landing up on the autocomplete page suggest around six times the conversion rate than the ones that do not go for the same.

Including Smarter Breadcrumbs

There are a couple of things that are more confusing than a website search, which showcases several hostile kinds of breadcrumbs, like the Home > Search > Your Search Result. By giving the people to carry out the filter, the result they get through the breadcrumbs enable them to choose and consider the features they are keen to get without actually clearing up their search completely and starting up from the start. There are few sites that have automatically updated search, which has further resulted over the check-boxes the user is seen clicked over the sidebar. It simply goes a step further by enabling them to find out options by simply clicking on the breadcrumbs, which can help you find precise results without actually voiding their entire search.

Optimizing your eCommerce store