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opencart version 2 ecommerce development
The next generation of OpenCart is finally out, which means that the e-commerce developers are bound to enjoy a refined version with satisfying unique features and expected improvements. It is expected that this new version of OpenCart will take the open source e-commerce development to a new pinnacle with its cleaner and improved code base, intuitive dashboard, and easier maintenance than before.

While these are just a few enhancements or benefits simplifying your task, the new features tend to completely leave you stunned with their capabilities to boost both productivity and functional as well as visual outcomes. Here are some of the most exciting features that Opencart 2 encompasses.

Responsive with Bootstrap 3

The new version is based on latest version of Bootstrap, which directly indicates more powerful, intuitive, and sleek store than ever. The Bootstrap store designed in OpenCart 2.0 is 100% responsive. The mobile support is now extended to all devices including tablets and desktops apart from smartphones. The current trend is such that this is essential for any e-commerce Website development company.


By reading the name, if you think that this feature is related to coding, then your guess is certainly precise. As the name suggests, you can now modify your site without altering the core files as well as preserve user’s customization while upgrading. You no longer need to separately install OCmod, as it is now a built-in facility in Opencart 2.

Extension Installer

This feature is truly an intelligent one, as it eases out the task of installing themes and extensions. With the latest OpenCart version, there is no need to override files through FTP, which simply benefits you in terms of the installation process that is now more precise and swift. You only need to upload the theme/extension through the installer and the relevant files will be overridden automatically.

Integrated API

The API allows integrating the third party platforms into your site. This means that you can easily create an Android app of your site, connect to a CMS for efficient content management, and build an iOS app without any hassles.

Event Notifications

It is a fact that an e-commerce website development and maintenance are focus-intensive jobs truly because of the several events involved in it. Therefore, having event notifications truly simplify the tracking of events.

With OpenCart 2.0, you can now set up a system that notifies instantly when an action occurs with the Event function. For example, the system can be set to send an email to the site’s admin when a new order is placed, a new user gets registered, or when a testimony has been submitted. It can even notify the pending orders, products that are out of stock, and any complaints or feedback received. This capability is bound to be admired by any e-commerce development company using OpenCart.

Fraud Detection

The new version has integrated MaxMind Fraud Detection system that is smart enough to detect fraud or risky orders based on proxy details, high-risk email, or risky IP address. For using this service, you need to register at MaxMind and insert the key in the Fraud Setting in the cart’s setting panel.