PHP MVC is a very simple but valuable Model View Controller application structure. It is not much difficult to learn. It is very easy to learn and is pure. It has highly documented features and self explaining structure and Composer integration. Basically, it comes in two versions, they are basic and advanced. With advanced version featuring extra Twig support and SASS compiling in pure PHP.

However, it is not a fully featured framework but it provides a bare bone structure that is seeking to be slimmed down. Well, it is a simple with skeleton structure for quick application creation, especially it is useful for those users who are new to PHP.As it just uses native PHP code, so there is no need to learn the framework again and again. So you can straight away get started.

You need to take a look at your environment and decide how well does a framework can be useful to a specific project. Generally PHP frameworks are chiefly within the domain of developers. Other parties, however, within a web project have different requirements when it comes to frameworks. You must consider on some advantages of PHP framework.

  • PHP allows for a quicker development cycle as each project is based on a similar structure.
  • PHP can play well with Agile software developments.
  • One of the biggest benefits is that it can simply jump from one project to another project without getting worried a lot about the structure of code.

There are other frameworks as well, that will be discussed in this article.

Codeigniter Framework

This framework is great in projects. It works fast and is light in weight. It has good documentation and large active community. You can also add other third party software. Like CakePHP and Zend, it has a clear MVC folder structure which you can pursue. It also gives developers to solve problems according to their thinking. However it can allow too much freedom in coding.

Zend Framework

Zend is similar to Codeigniter but heavy documentation can make it hard end has the good corporate software with endurance. Zend has the features of robust, corporate style software and commercial products such as commercial web server etc. So this makes a dominant way to create web apps. Zend is much more than a PHP framework as it benefits you from the support, certification, training and related products. However, design pattern concepts take time to grasp.

Symfony Framework

Symphony promotes using ORM, in addition for heavy database work and uses its own Twig template engine. It has a unique concept called Bundles, which is used for collection of related codes and files that helps to separate web app features. However it has steep learning curve.

Yii Framework

Yii is the best choice as a framework. It has a powerful caching support and is specially designed to work with AJAX. Security is the main requirement and that is what Yii is giving you. As Yii follows the MVC pattern, it helps you to develop clean and reusable code. You can model database data for objects and prevent the complex nature of writing repetitive SQL statements. Collecting form input is safe and easy.

Yii is designed to work with third party codes, so you can integrate other framework data into your Yii powered application. That is why; Yii is extensively popular as a framework and is considered as the best choice.