Saturday, 26 July 2014 | Written by qtriangle |

magento-website-development-qtriangleMagento community edition 1.9 has now been released and people are very excited about all the new changes. There are several technological improvements as well as several new functional features have been introduced in this new version of Magento. There are several changes in the core framework of Magento, and adoption is expected by the current and prospective users of Magento. It is highly advisable to use this version for any new Magento Development work.

New Technological Inputs

Magento community edition 1.9 includes following technological updates for users. The development unit of Magneto has introduced PHP 5.4 version for efficient performance and of course better use of memory space. You will be able to get more information in PHP changelog about this. The new ZEND framework has also been introduced. It has been upgraded to 1.12.3 version.

Interactive Website Design

The primary theme in Magento 1.9 version has always use principles of responsive web design. The new products that will use Magneto 1.9 will produce more efficient products that will be built on advanced technologies for Magento web development. All these new changes will be very profitable for observing sites using mobile devices. Following are a few benefits:

  • If you use this new technology to create a website that will be the tablet or mobile device friendly then you will be able to develop those responsive sites using 50% less resource. Your productivity will increase by 50% as well.
  • Using Magento 1.9 if you build mobile-friendly commercial sites then your profit margin will increase rapidly. The mobile website market, especially in commercial domain, has been increasing every day.

Price Consistency

There is no doubt that as per different financial structures of different states the price of the technology changes but Magento 1.9 version’s price is very consistent across the borders. The consistent price of this product has made it very popular to everyone in the community of web designers. It is very easy for business people to trade this technology around the world due to its price consistency.

Improved Check Out Process

Due to use of Ajax in the mini shopping cart functions, you will be able to modify your selection without refreshing the page. This will allow you to decrease the loading time of the page. There are all kinds of payment options available in this new version of Magento 1.9. The new option is “Bill Me Later”. It will provide the customers up to six months for paying the bill. If the customer chooses this option then also they will not be being charged with anything extra. The customer I just required to pay the PayPal service payment.

This new check out process “Bill Me Later” has been so effective that introduction of this process has increased the sales around 18% and that is considered as pretty good. Most of the people are obviously selecting this check out option because of this six month’s deadline. You will be able to use widget while using mini shopping cart functions. There is also another option that has been eliminated that is the “Updating your order before you place it”. It has made your transactions very smooth and hassle-free.