28 March 2014 | Written by qtriangle |

When it comes to using PHP framework for developing and designing your ecommerce website, you are certainly going to take over your competitors as it would let you enjoy many rich features making it the favorite choice. Presenting you with the robust navigation tools, smooth interfaces, user-friendly CMS, etc. you have the option to get the best out of your e-commerce website. There are many advantages that are associated with using the PHP framework for developing your eCommerce store and making a long-lasting impression on your customers online. You would never fall short of the rich features that you can integrate into your online store in such a way that every customer would love to shop.

Let’s entail some of the main advantages of using the PHP framework for your eCommerce website. Here we go:

Open Source Framework: Don’t pay for the license to use the best framework. This is where PHP stands above all. This goes above board that PHP is not only a totally free framework but also you don’t need to pay for any licenses. You can directly download it from the PHP website and any issues related to that can also be found there. It is upgraded regularly and the developers don’t have to pay for finding any solutions. You can download the latest version as soon as it is available over the internet.

Rich Features Necessary for E-commerce Website: For a user-friendly website, you are certainly going to need many rich features so that all of the shopping-related items could be incorporated into an online store. Let’s take a sneak peek view of the rich features offered by using a PHP framework while building your own ecommerce site. Here we go:

Unlimited lists of items and catalogs: While using a PHP Framework, you would love to enjoy the option of adding as many items as you want. This calls for building a huge online store that never falls short of upcoming and existing product lists.

Unlimited Manufacturers: A PHP framework also allows the developers to add as many manufacturers as he wants. This is necessary while showcasing all of the major brands.

Multiple Currency: Now, using a PHP framework, you can add multiple currencies to your online shopping portal so that a user could easily pay in the main currency. This helps store getting popular all across the world without any hazels of payment.

Online Payment Gateways: Using a PHP Framework, all of the major payment gateways can be integrated and online payment processors popular among the users can easily be incorporated.

Product Reviews and Ratings: It is of utmost importance for a visitor to trust the online store well before becoming a customer. This is really important and the same can be achieved by showcasing product reviews and ratings so that the buyers could easily decide on purchasing a particular product.

The Admin Panel: It is quite easier for the site owner to manage product listings and prices if he is provided with a user-friendly and easy to use admin panel. A PHP framework can do that for a developer by designing a good admin panel.

Choosing a good framework for eCommerce website

In addition to the above, there are many benefits associated with using a PHP framework while building an online store. It helps in integrating different available shipping methods; it is a template; documentation is free, automatic image resizing and stabilization is provided, the templates are easy to be made responsive to meet different resolution screens.