Saturday, 29 June 2013 | Written by qtriangle |

Today if you have an online presence then it is obvious that you rely heavily on email communication.

Usually we get free email service with any hosting service. However, hosting servers that provide content hosting are not optimised for email. Also the chances of outage are more, since even 99.9% uptime means 42 minutes of outage for all services.

Therefore, if you host your emails with domain hosting provider, there are chances that you take a hit due to downtime. The wiser approach is to use a 3rd party provider to take care of your email. In this case, even if your hosting server is down, your email service continues without any interrupt.

There are many options if you want to go for enterprise grade email service. Google apps is most prominent name in this segment. However, Google apps is now costlier and does not provide free inboxes like it did in past.

There are many other email providers who provide enterprise email service. However cost is a major factor here. If you are a budding entrepeuners, the chances are that you would not like to incur expenses for inboxes in your company.

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