Friday, 28 December 2012 | Written by qtriangle |

While choosing ecommerce web development solution, we are presented with many options. For an end user, the identification of best ecommerce web development strategy is very important.

Following factors play an important role in selection of ecommerce solution.

1. Extendibility and Flexibility

Open source scripts are extensible and flexible. So, Solutions like OpenCart and Magento are superior if solution demands to be extensible. Plethora of addons and plugins are available easily and even free of cost for most of the open source engines.

2. Ownership of customer data and code

Customer data and the source code of your website is valuable. When you choose open source solutions, you have total control over website generated data and source code. in comarison, when you use cloud based ecommerce engines, the data is handled by a third party which might be more insecue.

3. Low Opex

Choosing open source solutions is receommended to keep your Opex low. This is because you don’t have to pay fr usage fee which is the case with cloud based services.

So it is evident that open sourced ecommerce engines prove to be a better alternative for launching your ecommerce store.

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