Month: December 2014

Implementing Role and Privilege Management for Effective eCommerce Operations

Let us visualize a scenario wherein you have set up a new ecommerce site for selling your products online. Obviously, you need to manage access to order and sales reports, processing orders, answering to customer queries and complaints, managing stocks, controlling prices and margins, and shipping orders.

With so many tasks to be done on an ecommerce site, it becomes obvious to assign these tasks to responsible employees. This is exactly why we create roles such as admin, inventory manager and report head, and assign privileges.

Most rewarding features to Implement while designing an Online Grocery store

Did you know that India ranks sixth in the list of the world’s largest grocery markets? This is truly adorable considering the fact that over 40% of its population is below the poverty line. However, the food and grocery segment makes up for almost 70% of the retail Indian market. The latest trend in this segment is certainly that the grocery stores are turning digital. As per Technopak whch is a retail consultancy, the online grocery retail market is emerging by 25-30% in the big cities, including the four metros, which is being fueled by the urban India’s mounting shortage of time.