Month: October 2014

Why you need a mobile application for your eCommerce store

The field of ecommerce in India is certainly witnessing paradigm shift, from desktop to mobile access, as more and more people are browsing the net on their smartphones. According to, more than 50% of the existing Internet subscribers in the country are smartphone users. The subscriber’s base is the world’s second largest one after China and is expanding at 60-70% p.a.

Amarjit Batra who is the CEO of affirms that the new population on the Internet is increasingly leaving the PC behind and is using the mobile phones to use the Web for the first time. Therefore, he believes that it is sensible to be present where customers are. This means that it is the need of the hour to have a mobile application for you ecommerce store.

Role of Shipping and Fulfillment Integration for success of eCommerce business

According to LocalBanya, 98% order fulfillment along with well-trained customer service makes people to come back to its site for fulfilling their grocery and household needs. This fact itself says about the significance of having an ecommerce order and fulfillment process that is no less than the backbone of any online store when it comes to ecommerce website development India.

Online order and shipping influences almost everything, including loyalty and conversions. Therefore, if they are not efficient, the ecommerce business is likely to lose both sales and customers. Well, it is common sense to comprehend that customers want their packages shipped swiftly at least possible cost.

OpenCart 2: Exciting New Features

The next generation of OpenCart is finally out, which means that the ecommerce developers are bound to enjoy a refined version with satisfying unique features and expected improvements. It is expected that this new version of OpenCart will take the open source ecommerce development to a new pinnacle with its cleaner and improved code base, intuitive dashboard, and easier maintenance than before.

While these are just a few enhancements or benefits simplifying your task, the new features tend to completely leave you stunned with their capabilities to boost both productivity and functional as well as visual outcomes. Here are some of the most exciting features that Opencart 2 encompasses.