Month: September 2014

Tips for eCommerce Platform Migration

Migrating your existing store to another ecommerce platform is much like moving a brick-and-mortar shop. It requires meticulous consideration and planning that takes care of several critical areas or elements for ensuring at least the same or superior user experience. Here are these basic elements to consider, which are common irrespective of source and destination carts of migration.

From Payzippy to Ngpay: Flipkart’s Strategic Move towards More Promising Gateway

Just a year back in July 2013, the Indian ecommerce giant Flipkart had announced the launch of its proprietary payment gateway called Payzippy. It undoubtedly facilitates card payments on merchant sites, whereas its B2C variation allows keeping the card details for paying on partner merchant sites. Moreover, the gateway also partnered with merchants to provide attractive offers such as discounts, cash backs, and gift vouchers to early customers.

However, suddenly after a year, Flipkart surprised the ecommerce market by shifting from Payzippy to Ngpay, a mobile gateway by JiGrahak Mobility Solutions located in Bangalore. It claims to take this move for strengthening its service of mobile payments to improve the shopping experience on mobile ecommerce platform. So, what made Flipkart to do so? Let’s find