Month: January 2014

Rise of eCommerce marketplaces in India

E-commerce in India is booming, with very strong growth over the past three years and, this year, the sector’s performance will be no different. It is very important that Indian E-stores should accompany the growth to understand market trends and make sure the maximum growth of their E-business.

In order to manage an E-commerce store it is important to understand the current situation of the domestic market, so that it is possible to develop these data using efficient and flexible strategies according to the trends of the digital market. It is a basic requirement to understand and track the investment trends and revenues by sectors in the national e-commerce for developing an efficient E-commerce planning.

Choosing a good framework for eCommerce website

Generally speaking, the framework is the rudimentary structure of any object and website is of no difference. In the case of an E-commerce design developer, choosing a good framework for E-commerce website is the hardest part to decide. The truth is that it is the framework that decide the future of the website, in terms of maintenance and cost. There are websites that spends lots of money to maintain a website due to the poor framework. At the same time, it is also difficult to find a web designer who is used to all the available framework for E-commerce sites. However, if you are choosing a company, then you will have the possibility to discuss with them about various aspects of choosing a good framework for your E-commerce website. An experienced web development company generally has lots of experienced programmers and site developers to manage different types of platforms.